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So what do I do here? I Re/blogging my favorite photos, sharing stuff with followers, tagging, and more of those in that way I take a break :-)

I am enjoying myself, having a good time on tumblr because you don't die to know if someone is reading me. It's interactive but not all that much. Fair enought. I'm a bit asocial too!

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ovvero che faccio qui? Beh, salvo e ribloggo le mie foto preferite, le condivido con chi mi segue, aggiungo la tag e mi rilasso
Nell'attesa su tumblr mi diverto forse perchè non è un blog in cui senti il muschio crescere prima di sapere che c'è qualcuno che ti legge! E' interattivo MA non troppo. Il giusto! Perchè un minimo asociale lo sono!
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Il Bacio, Brancusi

ho bisogno di un abbraccio


Sand Sculptures by JOOheng Tan


Sweet Tooth, 1998 - Rona Pondick

In this work, an elegant wooden box with photographically screened linen opens up to reveal a burst of color and an enticing, sumptuous surprise. Sweet Tooth takes artist Rona Pondick’s famous Little Bathers (1990-1991) to a whole new dimension, creating rubber “sweets” in a lavish setting. Known for her provocative sculptures and installations that are simultaneously hilarious and horrific, Pondick combines dissonant fragments of bodies, such as teeth and ears, with pieces of furniture and articles of clothing to make pre-verbal, visceral meanings.

About the Artist

Rona Pondick’s sculptures hybridize the human body with plants or animals, suggesting bizarre genetic mutations. Her works also fuse ancient and modern, Eastern and Western art forms; Buddhas and Egyptian deities morph into creatures recalling the sculptures of Giacometti or Louise Bourgeois.

fatevi una ricerca se (come me) non la conoscete, nelle sue sculture fa una contaminazione tra animali e uomini…sembra una rappresentazione di un futuro  (vedi trapianti con cellule animali) o anche degli scarti di un futuro, perchè le sue sculture sembrano stanche o anche morte/morenti. Inquietante ma interessante.


Wire Sculptures by Derek Kinzett

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Wood Sculptures by Bruno Walpoth


O.o… wonderful!



Ellen Jewett’s sculptures.



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Incredibly detailed paper sculptures by Calvin Nicholls.

Astounding! Look at the animal’s hair!!


Incredibly detailed paper sculptures by Calvin Nicholls.

Astounding! Look at the animal’s hair!!


“… waves in blue and red …”


by Bronia Sawyer

Waves of words. Empty words.

con il link ho scoperto

Motohiko Odani

e molti altri


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