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So what do I do here? I Re/blogging my favorite photos, sharing stuff with followers, tagging, and more of those in that way I take a break :-)

I am enjoying myself, having a good time on tumblr because you don't die to know if someone is reading me. It's interactive but not all that much. Fair enought. I'm a bit asocial too!

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ovvero che faccio qui? Beh, salvo e ribloggo le mie foto preferite, le condivido con chi mi segue, aggiungo la tag e mi rilasso
Nell'attesa su tumblr mi diverto forse perchè non è un blog in cui senti il muschio crescere prima di sapere che c'è qualcuno che ti legge! E' interattivo MA non troppo. Il giusto! Perchè un minimo asociale lo sono!
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Joe Bagley is a paper artist based in Boston. All his designs are original works, and each is cut by hand. No lasers, dies, or prints.

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Floating Paper Sculptures by Peter Gentenaar

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photo source needed

It’s right. Paper planes around the Fifthy’s


photo source needed

It’s right. Paper planes around the Fifthy’s

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Anastassia Elias crea piccole sculture nei rotoli della carta igienica.  L’artista francese (scopri il suo sito) è molto amata dai ragazzi di tutto il mondo che spesso cercano di replicare le sue opere (che puoi vedere anche qui)

Intervista ad Anastassia



On the way home today I noticed one of those flyers with the strips of info at the bottom for people to take. I thought about it all day and realized I can use this for CFO. I believe people need a little reminder or a  strip to help cheer them up. I know if I saw this, I’d grab one to give to a friend to brighten their day. My street team will handle this tomorrow!

 I choose for me: DON’T GIVE UP

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All pieces hand made with paper. Watch creation here.


Guardate il video!!!

Custom papercuts by papercutsbyjoe